10 Unexplored Places In India To Visit After Lockdown

10 unexplored places in India to visit after lockdown

Itching to travel after lockdown? But do not know where? We all are cooped up inside our house due to the global pandemic, waiting for the most unexpected event to pass. There is no denying that we are certainly living in difficult times as the coronavirus has completely changed the way we used to lead our lives. Worry not! We got you covered, with the checklist of 10 unexplored places in India

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Zanskar Valley in Ladakh
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The magnificent rugged, remote valley lies in the newly formed Union Territory of Ladakh. As you stroll down through the alley of the arid cold desert in deep gorges and glaciers, you will find yourself passing through various passes, a gorgeous turquoise lake with an enchanting landscape which is dotted by many timeless monasteries. Zanskar has all the elements that entice the explorers into the Lost Valley!

Ideal time to visit: July – September  

Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh
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NAMDAPHA NATINAL PARK – The Meadows of Alpine Zone

Sprawling over 2000 sq. km of dense forest in far-eastern Arunachal Pradesh is an ecological hot spot with a mind-boggling array of animal and plant species, and habitats ranging from warm tropical plains to icy Himalayan highlands. Being least explored region, it boasts of having tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Himalayan black bear, Mush deer, slow Loris, and Red Panda. Namdapha Rainforest is the paradise – a mecca of nature and wildlife lovers. 

Ideal time to visit: October – March  

Badami in Karnataka
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BADAMI – The Heaven of Ancient Architecture on single stone.

Dotted back to ancient history, once the capital of the mighty Chalukya Empire. Badami is located at north Karnataka, formerly known as Vatapi. The locale of its famous cave temple, made of giant sandstone hills that flank the placid water of Agastya Lake paint a stark picture of earthy reds and brownstone set against a sky of acrylic blue – burning an impression into a canvas on your mind. While you explore this ancient town, you will spot the ancient archaeological treasures like old houses, carved wooden doorways and even the occasional Chalukyan ruin.

Ideal time to visit: October – March

Jawai in Rajasthan
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JAWAI – The land of Leopards

Jawai – an untamed wilderness, a rare sight of leopards roaming freely around the hills of Pali district in Rajasthan. A mysterious landscape where pastoral fields meet and merge with wild grasslands and the swells of the Jawai Bandh’s waters lap at the toes of mighty granite formations. As you witness the vibrant Rabari herdsmen who have shared this land with wildlife, it exhibits an unusual behaviour of this beautiful wildlife which can draw your interest in the connection of local culture and wildlife.

Ideal Time to visit: October – April

Majuli in Assam
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MAJULI – World’s largest River Island

The mighty Brahmaputra rivers ever-shifting puzzle of sandbank is Majuli – the world’s largest river Island in Assam. The island’s serene atmosphere is enhanced in a way that you feel like stepping back to an earlier India of motorbike delight, peaceful woodlands and wetlands, tribal villages with wooden stilt houses, where the goats, geese, cows and pigs easily outnumber the people. While dotting back to 15th century – it is influenced by 22 Satras, Hindu Vaishnavite monasteries and centres for art. Also, do not miss out the vibrant festival of divine Majuli – Raas Purnima is based on the dance performance of Lord Krishna’s life, celebrated in the month of November

Ideal Time to visit: October to March

Gandikota in Andhra Pradesh
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GANDIKOTA – The Grand Canyon of India

Grand Canyon of Arizona is not the only canyon in the world, right here in India you can visit the great Gandikota located in Kadappa district of Andhra Pradesh. The spectacular gorge formed by the river Pennar cuts through the Erramala hill. Apart from the unmatched beauty of the gorge, you can find a similar version of Antelope Canyon called ‘Belum cave’ – the second largest cave in India. Adventurous folks can camp under the stars while enjoying their choice of adrenaline in the unexplored and rustic Gandikota.

Ideal Time to visit: September – February

Kavaratti Island in Lakshadweep
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KAVARATII ISLAND – The Island of endless Lagoon

White-sand-skirt coral island of Lakshwadeep, Kavaratti is a stunning island as isolated as it is. Being the tiniest Union Territory of India and the only Coral Island chain, explore the beautiful calm lagoon forms an ideal spot for water sports – scuba diving, snorkelling, water skiing, parasailing, jet-skiing, water bikes, to windsurfing and basking on warm sandy beaches. The exotic underwater life can be viewed through glass-bottomed boats.

Ideal Time to visit: August – March

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Padresh
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ZIRO VALLEY – Paradise of Nature

Undoubtedly the concept of paradise on earth can be easily attributed to the Valley of Ziro, nestled amongst the deep green forest and the towering jagged Eastern Himalayan range in the distance of Arunachal Pradesh – bewitching scenic beauty of this exotic hill hamlet dotted with terraced rice fields, lush bamboo forests and picturesque trails lined with tall blue & green pines, forests and villages have been carefully fashioned over many centuries by its Apatani tribal inhabitants.

‘Ziro Music Festival’ is celebrated in the month of September, top national & international music bands and folk artists from every corner of the world now travel here during this festival – a hypnotic scenery in the middle of the valley can leave anyone and everyone charmed for their entire lives.

Ideal time to visit: March – October

Shimoga In Karnataka
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SHIMOGA – Hidden Gem of Karnataka

Shimoga is not just about the “Gateway of Malnad’. It has been renamed officially as Shivamogga, meaning Shiva-Mukha or “Face of Shiva”. Standing on the banks of the Tunga River, Shimoga abounds with natural beauty and man-made wonders. For a travel enthusiast, Shimoga has many gems to offer from sparkling Jog falls to the thrill of water sports at Honnemaradu, lush green forests of Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary, scenic landscapes amongst Nagara Fort, lofty mountain peak Kodachadri, and architectural splendour at Keladi, will keep mesmerised with its beauty.

Ideal Time to Visit: October – March

Lonar Crater in Maharashtra
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LONAR CRATER – The Mysterious lake in Maharashtra

Lonar Crater is known as the lake of Lagoon in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. Being the third-largest carter in the world – if you like offbeat adventures, travel to Lonar to explore a prehistoric natural wonder. About 50,000 years ago, a meteorite slammed into the earth here, leaving behind a massive crater 2km across and 170m deep, it is the only hypervelocity natural-impact crater in basaltic rock in the world. The lake water is supposedly alkaline and excellent for the skin. Inlay terms, it is a relaxing spot as you could hope to find, with a shallow green lake at its base and wilderness all around, including aquatic birds. 

Ideal time to visit: November – January

Faraway lands that we will go exploring when the lockdown opens and travel restrictions are lifted up. While there is no saying when exactly we can pack our bags and fly away to our bookmarked destinations, we can always dream of the day when our lives will resume normally.

Even if it does, there is no denying that we can walk around freely without taking certain measures for our safety purpose. We advise you to always follow the guidelines given by the Board of Tourism, you follow them, and you are good to go!


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