DIY Coffee Scrub for Flawless Skin

DIY Coffee Scrub for Flawless Skin

Want your skin to shine and glow at the same time like some celebrity? We have got one amazing DIY hack for you! You can easily find this magical ingredient in your kitchen. It’s Coffee Scrub Guys!!!

DIY Coffee Scrub for Flawless Skin
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Yes coffee, the aromatic bean is not only the most loved beverage across the globe, but is also a great ingredient for skincare. All the skincare remedies talk about how it is deeply nourishing and gives natural radiance on your skin. Apart from these benefits, what makes DIY coffee scrub so special? 


The sand-like texture of coffee grounds makes a great exfoliation. The coffee exfoliator removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. It helps to improve your blood circulation and brightening to provide smooth even appearance.

Coffee scrub for cellulite works like a magic! It is the key to reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and improving overall blood flow.

This DIY recipe has anti-ageing properties that can also help you reduce fine lines, sun spots, redness and wrinkles on your face.

Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants which improves the elasticity of your skin.

Vitamin B3 and chlorogenic acid (CGA) helps to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation, combat skin breakouts like acne and boost collagen production. It will also help to treat puffy eyes and dark circles.

Now that I have shared the benefits… I’ll quickly take you through these 4 magical DIY coffee scrub recipes for face and body.

how to make coffee scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub
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Coffee and Lemon Scrub

  • 2 teaspoons of ground coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.


Put both the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Scrub your face for 3 minutes and rinse it with warm water to reveal brighter and softer skin. As it will help to unclog the pores to remove toxins and bring back your skin’s natural glow.

You can do this twice or thrice a week.

Coconut Coffee Scrub

  • 2 tablespoon coffee grounds 
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
  • ¼ cup yoghurt


Mix these ingredients well and scrub it on your body for 5-10 mins and leave it for 20 mins.

Later rinse it with warm water (use mild soap while washing it off)

Coffee And Aloe Vera Scrub

  • ¼ cup coffee scrub 
  • 3 tablespoon milk 
  • 1 tablespoon honey 
  • 3 tablespoon aloe vera gel


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except aloe vera gel and soak it for 20 min. 
  • Later add aloe vera gel and use it as a scrub for 10 minutes and let it sit for a while.
  • Wash it off after 5 mins.

Coffee And Olive Oil

  • 1/2 teaspoons of coffee and olive oil.
  • A couple of droplets of water


Mix all the ingredients and gently pat underneath your eye without rubbing. Leave the mixture for 5 to 7 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water or gently wipe the mask with a soft cloth. 

Repeat this method as much as needed to reduce dark circles 

Trust me guys try this out twice a week and you will start seeing amazing changes in your skin texture. The good thing about the DIY coffee scrub is you no longer have to deal with harsh chemicals anymore. Go ahead and try them.

If you like it and it really starts working for you.

Do comment and show some love! We would love to hear from you. 

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  1. I use a coffee scrub by St. Ives several times a week. It may not be DIY but I really love it and it smells amazing! Coffee scrubs are the best ♥

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