GOBI DESERT – Expect the Unexpected

GOBI DESERT Expect the Unexpected

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The vast extensive arid region – Gobi Desert is the 5th largest desert in the Asian continent. Desert span covers the north and northwestern part of China and southern Mongolia. The incredible side of the Gobi Desert, none other than lies in the pocket of Mongolia

Man riding a Bactrain camel in Khorgoryn Els Sand Dunes
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Its unforgettable beauty reveals the amazing scenery, bridged by the vast land that stretches till your phone signal die and silence saturates. From Tibetan lamas incising ancient messages on red rocks and to the desert foliage shimmers from green and gold – Gobi Desert have it all!

While the wildlife roll across the steppes and though your footprint is erased by the wind but the footprint of the Gobi Desert will stay in your heart forever. 

Let’s embark on the journey of the Gobi Desert!

How to reach the Gobi Desert?


Umnugobi Province, Southern Mongolia.

How to reach Dalandzadgad, Mongolia
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The Gobi is accessible by road and flight. Land travel time varies between 8 – 10 hours and for flight, it’s only 1 hour 30 minutes.

5 must-visit places in the Gobi Desert

KHONGORYN ELS – The singing Dunes

Sunrise at Khorgoryn Els
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Afar you will witness the picturesque dune painted at the south horizon of Altai Mountain. Beautiful oasis take birth while the Khorgor river flows along the dunes, up close you will see the texture of the sand form peaks like the whipped meringue. 

As the shades of sand dunes changes to yellow to red every hour in a day. Perfect spot for the photographers to have their best shot during sunrise and sunset. 

Climbing the Khorgoryn Els
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What better way would be to explore these sand dunes on Bactrian camels? If you’re feeling too adventurous, why not try climbing one? If yes! The sand will squeak under your feet as if these dunes are singing to you while it scrolls by the wind. 

YOLIN AM GORGE - The Valley of Vultures and Icy oasis

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While you’re trying to solve the mystery of these deep narrow gorges enveloped in a sheet of blue-veined ice, this very land is home to breaded vultures. 

Icy Oasis in deep Yolin Am Gorge
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You can hike, bike or hire a horse to explore the dramatic cliff – do look out for the sight of rare animals like herds of shaggy yaks, snow leopards, manual cat, beech marten, and Mongolian saiga antelope. 

Jaw-dropping green valley - Yolin Am Gorge
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The Jaw-dropping scenery with green valley, as cool wind blowing through to make you feel as if you are walking down into the magical land!

Kindly note: You can book Gobi Tour directly from Ulaanbaatar, local tour operators will book with their ongoing groups or a private tour according to your requirement. If you book prior to the abroad tours, your budget can go at a higher rate.

BYANZARG FLAMING CLIFF - Hotspot of Dino Fossil

Hunt Dino Fossil in Flaming Cliff Mongolia
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The very place where the first dinosaur fossil was discovered, the hotspot site in the Paleontology world. 

The cliff looks like it is on fire, thanks to the reddish tit in the soil that glow as the sunset. One might say only gasp, “it’s flaming” – which is how it gets its name.

Hunt Dino Fossil in Flaming Cliff Mongolia
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You never know you would be the next to hunt the dino-fossil! 

TSAGAAN SUVARGA WHITE STUPA - The Colorful Cliffs of Gobi Desert.

Jigsaw of white sand with the touch of pastel colors, the natural formation looks like an ancient ruin. There is an interesting cave named Hevtee Bosoo Agui

Pastel colors Tsagaan Suvarga White Stupa
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In this 50-meter-long cave at some point, you have to crawl but will be able to walk normally at the other part of the cave. Because the name actually means “Laying Standing Cave”. 

IKH GAZRIIN CHULUU - The gems of Gobi Desert

Natural rock formation with animals surrounding the Garziin Chuluu
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The largest granite zone in Mongolia – Ikh Gazryn Chuluu looks like the jagged peaks are part of the Mountain range. But if you go closer, you will find the natural rock formation are independent. 

Looks like jagged peaks
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There are over 40 caves in the area which are easily accessible and they are quite closer to each other. According to the local people, the cave called Olgii used to have mysterious books and scriptures.  

Toonot Cave is the biggest cave in the area!

Things you must do in the Gobi Desert

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Bactrian Camel Ride

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Stay in Ger Camp

(Famous one is Three Camp Lodge Resort)

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Sunrise Sunset

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Meet Nomads

Surprising right? After reading desert I’m sure there is the only one word that must have popped in your head SANDS! But definitely wasn’t expecting to have from icy oasis to the burning cliffs. Expect the unexpected, I’m sure this unique destination has caught your eye to explore through its deepest point. 

Gobi Desert is something you definitely can’t miss while planning your journey to Mongolia!


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