MAKE IN INDIA – Let’s Grow Together

MAKE IN INDIA - Let’s Grow Together

In recent times, we Indians are often being addressed to be ‘Aatmanirbhar’ (self–reliant) – to be self–sufficient with the ability and potential to achieve our goals. This initiative was started by the Indian Government during the Pandemic crisis when it limited the over-dependence on foreign imports. 

In such situations, cost considerations become irrelevant; what matters is assured availability in good quality coming from within our own geographical boundaries.

‘Local pe Vocal’ is the best mantra to initiate the #AatmaNirbharBharatAbhiyaan. 

After giving a thought on the idea – Live. Style. Wander outlet, we came up with the section to promote the local business of India. Imagine what it would be like to connect our roots and grow together! Definitely it won’t be easy but we won’t rest until we achieve what we started for.

Traditional handicrafts have always been the highlight of the Indian culture. Being deeply frozen in society to preserve its cultural heritage in form of material, similarly as their own values, revised traditional, philosophy of life, fashion and self-image.

Here Are the few products we have picked up for you


We hope you’ve loved our pick! 

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