Vaccine Tourism Myth or True?

Vaccine Tourism Myth or True?

An unpredictable amount of havoc caused by COVID – 19 has changed the way we lived and travelled.    

After travel was put on hold for a period of time, whole industry has been looking for an opportunity that can mount their businesses.

Vaccine Tourism
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The way vaccine has kicked-in on full swing, would it be the gamer changer to resume our travel plans or an opportunity to map out the whole new adventure.

It can be one way to restart the travel country-wide with the fast-paced vaccination. However, the supply cannot keep up with the demand in some countries that has led to fuel the new form of tourism – ‘Vaccine Tourism’ in India

Yes, you heard it right! Vaccine Tourism where people will be travelling to other countries to get vaccinated.

A country like Russia, travel agencies were circulating flyers that say, “Chance to get the Sputnik V vaccine along with a trip to Russia for Rs. 1.29 lakh”

Apart from Russia, countries like the United State of America and the United Arab Emirates – travel companies are encouraging tourists to visit their land in form of ‘Vaccine Tourism’

As there has been, quite a talk on Vaccine tourism and travellers/tourists are willing to spend that kind of money to get vaccinated from other countries. Though there has been no official arrangement in place at the government level to ensure that those opting packages are promising.

Vaccine Passport
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To overcome travel, it won’t be surprising that in the future Jab passport will be issued for those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The document will enable the restriction fee travel.

Sometimes vaccine tourism is confused with vaccine passport, which is a more regulated practice in gaining currency across the world. Being jabbed to travel is not a new concept – some countries require yellow fever vaccination before you embark on their international borders. (Eg: African Countries).

Recently, Seychelles announced that fully vaccinated travelers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are permitted to travel nation island with the proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

Even Switzerland have uplifted the travel ban for Indians, those who are fully vaccinated with Covishield.

Is waiting finally come to an end with the upcoming trend? Or is it just a myth! No one knows when will we return to normalcy, till then prevention and careful travel are only available to us.

If it permits to have Vaccine Tourism, would you travel to another country to take a shot?

Travel for Vaccine
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Let us know in the comment section about what you think!

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