What is Sustainable Tourism?

What is Sustainable Tourism?

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‘Sustainable Tourism’ is on everyone’s lips. Did it occur what exactly it means? It is a buzzword among travelers and tourists, there is no denying the fact that it sounds scientific & it’s hard to grasp.

Now, if you check out the official website of the World Tourism Organization known as UNWTO in Sustainable development, there is an entire amount of information to take in. But when we talk about Sustainable Tourism, it is not only bound with preservation of the environment but also protecting the eco-system; it is much beyond it…

In simple words…

“Sustainable tourism is the concept that is trying to make a positive impact on the social economy of the country, also preserves the environment and its socio-cultural aspects for current and future generation”

Benefits of Sustainable Tourism

Socio - economy development
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Socio- Economy

It aims to harmonize three main pillars of sustainable development: Economic development, Protection of the Environment, and Social justice. Like generating opportunities for local businesses, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders that are fairly distributed, stable employment, social service to host communities, contributing to poverty alleviation.

Environmental Development
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Converse natural heritage and biodiversity, maintain the ecological processes- make optimal use of environmental resources to make up a key element in tourism development. 

Socio - Cultural Development
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Respect the authenticity of one culture, converse inbuilt cultural heritage, and traditional value. Contribute to inner culture and spread awareness of its ethnicity.

Why is it important?

In other words, Sustainable development guidelines have been placed for a long period in the Travel Industry for all forms of tourism destinations and all types of segments (mass & niche).

But the fundamental question arises here that, are these guidelines being implemented all around the world?

Of course, No! There are certain measures which are needed to be taken especially, to overcome the problem of ‘over-tourism’

In the recent timeline, the threats and consequences of over-tourism have been quite visible. The UNWTO has declared 27th September as World Tourism Day and uses this platform to discuss social, political, economic, and environmental impacts.

An excessive number of tourists visiting the popular destination over the period has damaged the local environment, historical site, and socio-cultural essence of its residential life. Visitors must reduce their negative impact on the destination as much as possible.

So, what is the Solution? Do not travel and stay at home? Definitely no! Tourism does have its positive outcomes like funding conservation, from generating income for local to encouraging investment to help preserve the culture and protecting wildlife.

To explore the world is our real privilege, which needs to be sustained for a long period of time. Before, it gets destroyed by us when it is meant for us to visit and experience.

Why Tourism MUST change!

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The projected increase represents 25% growth, from 1,597 million tonnes of transport-related CO2 attributable to tourism in 2016 to 1,998 million tonnes in 2030

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Over Tourism

Leaving your footprints behind as you travel

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(Cruises, international hotel chains and resorts) less than 10% of profit is left to benefit locally.

Sustainable tourism is not a one-way street to minimize the negative impact on the socio- economic, environmental and socio-cultural aids. It becomes important to mainstream the concept of Sustainable development in tourism industry.

To know more about how you can take a step toward in making tourism sustainable?

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  1. I love that you spotlighted this issue. I always feel guilty when flying on airplane and hopefully there will be more choices in the future. Cheers.

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