Why Tourism Must Change? Can We Make Tourism Sustainable?

Why Tourism Must Change?
Can We Make Tourism Sustainable?

In these, few months pandemic has brought the tourism industry to its knees, though the industry is not at fault for the interruption caused by the Covid-19.

But it doesn’t mean the industry is entirely guilt-free. The unsustainable habits are being practised in the long run, the need for tourism to change has now emerged – To be a Responsible Traveller!

It’s the time for people to consider themselves as either part of a problem or part of the solution. For the first time, the wheels have stopped spinning.

Now it’s the chance for travellers and tourists to hit the reset button or to go the way things use to work before.

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Environmental friendly practice (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

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Protecting Cultural and Natural heritage (saving endangered wildlife and restoring historic building)

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Social and economic benefits to local community (job opportunity and upholding fair rights to the people)

Let’s take the initiative into our hands as an individual to make tourism sustainable. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Think about the choice of your destination. Most visited cities like Agra, Paris, and Venice are on everyone’s bucket list. To balance the over-tourism, visit those places which are lesser-known and are yet to be explored. People tend to be lazy and choose those destinations which are closer to the airport. You can always add a train and ferry journey to less touristy places.
  • Travel by public transport rather than renting a private car if possible.
  • Spending on hotel chains, cruises, and exclusive resorts is the chance of not reaching your money to local people is higher. Accommodate locally owned hotels, guest rooms, and eco-lodges. You can always rent out a property from local host communities.
  • Try out authentically cooked food of host communities while you can also learn their cooking techniques if you are staying with the local host.
  • Rather than purchasing souvenirs from the airport, buy handmade art & crafts from local vendors.
  • Reduce your footprints from environmental impact–refill your water bottles rather than buying another bottle, use a paper shopping bag, switch off the lights, and charger while you step out of your room.
  • The way you keep your own house clean, Do NOT litter wherever you go. In recent cases after a long halt due to COVID-19 in India, within a week or two Rohtang tunnel and Himachal village was found with empty water bottles and Pack of snacks lying around the area. Take initiatives to create awareness among tourists as the problem remains quite consistent.
  • We heard a lot of stories on semi-dressed women in Islamic countries or being introduced to drugs, alcohol, mugging can change the entire perspective on the culture of the place. Dress appropriately! Respect host community culture - while you visit any holy place, understand their religion and cultural attire before you enter. Coverup yourself unless you are on the beach.
  • Interaction with local culture is the primary reason why people love to Travel - learn a few words of native language, order food with weird names, participate in their traditional dance & music, if possible, learn about their history, art & craft. Always ask host communities if they are comfortable if you click their pictures.
  • Support local charity over giving money to the beggars.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? It is quite easy to talk about making tourism Sustainable or to put it on paper as a brochure, but practising by individual and taking actual precautions by ourselves is much different. In the end, we are responsible for the future generation! It is now or never. 

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